Stairlifts Bellevue

Stairlifts Bellevue

Being able to live independently and safely is a priority for everyone. Falling while using the stairs is one of the most common causes of injury for senior citizens in the United States, and descending stairs especially can be highly dangerous for seniors having difficulty with reduced vision or balance. A simple way to ensure a much safer lifestyle for anyone who is having difficulty with stairs is to install a stairlift.

We offer premium Stannah Stairlifts, and can install them to fit with your curved or straight stairway. Stannah offers many options for customization both for matching your home's look, and for the functionality you need. Whether you're in Bellevue, Seattle, Redmond or elsewhere in King County, choose us for your Stannah stairlift needs.

stairlifts bellevue

Chair Lifts Bellevue

Sometimes called chair lifts, these devices are convenient and helpful, while providing safety for the user and mitigating the risk of falls. Our stair lift experts at Olympic Elevator can recommend, quote and install the best Stannah chair lift for your needs and fits the stairway of your home without need for architectural modifications, and even matches your home’s decor with fabric and color options.

It’s common that people who may need a stairlift will put off getting one, but we are always hearing back from our customers who say that their life is easier and less stressful after getting a stairlift installed and wish they had made that choice sooner. We think you’ll feel similarly once you see the excellent stairlifts we install and how knowledgeable we are about installing the perfect one for your home and your needs.

Chair Lift For Stairs Bellevue

If you have been considering purchasing a stairlift for your own needs or those of a loved one, Olympic Elevator’s technicians can make a recommendation for the right stairlift to match your home and your needs at a reasonable price, that will last for many years to come. Whether your staircase is a straightforward, standard style or a curved, complex layout, we have a range of products to fit your needs and home design. All of our stairlifts meet and exceed Washington state and Bellevue safety requirements as well.

Some customers are concerned that their stairlift might be an eyesore, or at the least not match very well with the other home decor they own. However there’s no need to worry about that, as we have a wide choice of fabrics and finishes to choose from so you can have us customize your stairlift to your home. We want you to both be happy with knowing you or a loved one will be safer, and also with the look of your stairlift. A stairlift can also potentially increase your home’s value, as the high quality products we install will last for decades and require less maintenance or repairs than lower quality brands.

Please contact us today so we can schedule your free in-home consultation. It’s always an adjustment to begin using a chairlift, but we promise that you will feel far more secure and avoid daily stress with its use by you or a loved one. Call us today!


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