Home Elevator Seattle

Home Elevator Seattle

Residential elevators are setting the new standard for luxury living even in mid-range homes. Research indicates an elevator can add nearly 10% to the value of your home, creating significant lifestyle and financial incentives for homeowners even if you look to sell your home later.

When style, design and luxury arrive in the form of a home elevator you will have entered the premier line of Symmetry residential elevators. Olympic Elevator is proud to offer this premium brand of elevators for new installations, and to be experts at maintenance and services for them as required by the state of Washington. Even if you already have a residential elevator, we’d love to be your go-to for maintenance and service needs and requirements.

Residential Elevator Seattle

Symmetry Inline Geared Drive

Do you think you don't have enough space to install a home elevator? The Symmetry Inline Geared Drive system does not require a machine room saving you space and money.

This machine room-less system runs at a speed of 40 feet per minute and has a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds. It features our exclusive additions including emergency battery operated lowering, digital hall stations, custom wood sills and energy efficient LED lighting.

An optionally equipped battery backup system allows the elevator to travel to the next level in case of a power failure, so there is no risk of getting stuck. This is an excellent option for any residential or senior living home in rural areas where power failures are more likely to occur.

House Elevator Seattle

Symmetry Hydraulic Elevator

When it comes to residential elevator systems hydraulic drives are a popular choice for homeowners looking for the 'quietest' ride. With more standard features and custom options than any other elevator on the market today, Symmetry's hydraulic drive system is the industry leader.

Unique in the market, no other company offers emergency battery lowering, digital hall stations, custom wood sills and energy efficient LED lighting as standard features.

This drive system accommodates up to six floors, 50' of travel and is equipped to hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Olympic Elevator services many brands of elevators including:

  • Symmetry
  • Waupaca Elevator Company
  • Inclinator Company of America
  • Custom Elevator
  • Dover
  • National Wheel-O-Vater
  • Matot
  • Concord Elevators & Lifts
  • Savaria
  • Thyssenkrupp
  • Access Elevator & Lifts Inc.

If you have any questions we can provide you with a free no obligation quote. We’d love to schedule an appointment with you to go over your best options, whether you need a new residential elevator or have an existing elevator that needs service, repair, or replacement.

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