Stairlifts Kirkland

Stairlifts Kirkland

Have you found yourself struggling with the stairs in your Kirkland home recently? Or maybe a loved one is struggling with physical ailments that make you worried for their safety on the stairs in their King County home. Stair-related injuries are very common for elderly citizens and those suffering from leg-related physical conditions.

Even if you or a loved one is not suffering from a specific leg injury, balance issues, degraded vision and chronic fatigue can all lead to an accident on the stairs. Thankfully you don't need to worry about needing to move to a one-floor home or installing a full elevator in your current home, as stairlifts installed by Olympic Elevator are an excellent option for many families. 

stairlifts kirkland

Chair Lifts Kirkland

We install Stannah stairlifts which are the top of the line models on the market, and our technicians are extremely knowledgeable about these stairlifts and how to make sure we get you the one that will perfectly fit your needs, and customize it to fit your stairway too. Choosing a Stannah stairlift with customization and installation by Olympic Elevator will be an excellent investment that gives you peace of mind.

Having the freedom for you and loved ones to ascend and descend the stairs safely and smoothly will be a relief, and Stannah products are extremely well manufactured to last for decades. We'll visit your home and measure your stairway to ensure that your stairlift will be ready to fit it perfectly, and install it exactly to specifications. 

Why Do You Need To Modernize?

Having stairlift in your home can greatly improve the quality of life for you or a loved one who may be struggling with mobility issues.

  • It provides a safe and convenient way to navigate stairs, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.
  • Modern stairlifts are equipped with advanced safety features such as seatbelts, swivel seats, and sensors to detect obstacles on the stairs.
  • Stairlifts can also be fitted with remote controls for ease of use, making them accessible for individuals with limited mobility or strength.
  • Installing a stairlift in your home can also increase its resale value, as it appeals to potential buyers who may have mobility issues or aging family members.

Chair Lift For Stairs Kirkland

We can also provide regular maintenance services as required according to Washington codes for safety, and repair in the event that an issue arises. However we promise that Stannah provides the best stairlifts available, and you can trust their products like so many homeowners have for one hundred and fifty years. We often hear from customers about how relieved they are to have their Stannah stairlift once it's ready and they use it for the first time.

Although getting a chair lift installed is always a significant investment to consider, and it may be tempting to choose a lesser brand, our customers know that the Stannah quality and Olympic Elevator's technicians are worth it. We take care of our customers like they're family and do everything we can to ensure that their stairlifts will last, and are happy to provide maintenance and service as needed for decades to come. Please call us if you're a homeowner in Kirkland or elsewhere in the Puget Sound area, and are in need of a stairlift. 

Call Olympic Elevator today to learn more about our stairlift installations in Kirkland and how we can help improve the safety and accessibility of your home. Don't let the stairs hold you back any longer - invest in a stairlift from Olympic Elevator and enjoy the freedom and independence it provides.

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