Stairlifts Kent

Stairlifts Kent

Are you beginning to find that the stairs in your Kent home are difficult to traverse, for yourself or another member of your household? Stairs are one of the most common causes of injuries for seniors in the United States and King County, and the same applies to those with physical impairments as well regardless of age. Even just having a poor sense of balance can be enough to make usage of stairs feel dicey. You might think the only option to avoid stairs is to move to a home with only one story, or to have a residential elevator installed, but there's another way. 

stairlifts kent

Chair Lifts Kent

A custom manufactured stairlift, specifically the Stannah stairlifts that Olympic Elevator uses, provides freedom to move up and down your stairway with ease without having to completely redo your home layout to fit an elevator. Our technicians will come out and measure your stairway to determine exactly what dimensions your stairway will need to match, and it will be custom set up to fit the stairway rather than requiring modifications to your home. Our company provides installation, maintenance and repair services for Stannah stairlifts. We can also remove your old stairlift before replacing it with a new Stannah version. 

We frequently get feedback from happy customers about how glad they are to have a stairlift in their home. Even though it may feel like a hassle to get installed, and can be easy to put off due to the initial investment, across the board our home customers tell us that they feel relieved and at peace with their new stairlift. Instead of having to dread using the stairs or get help every time, they and their loved ones are able to move up and down at will and avoid having to even think about injury. While lesser stairlift brands will require service more often, Stannah stairlifts are extremely high quality and will last for decades.

Chair Lift For Stairs Kent

Our technicians would love to explain the options you get when you purchase a Stannah stairlift and have it installed by Olympic Elevator. We'd be happy to answer all your questions and make sure you feel informed about your purchase, and recommend the best model option for your needs and budget and ensure that it will be set up properly for your home stairway. Stannah stairlifts not only meet and exceed King County requirements for reliability and safety, but our technicians also are the best in the business at installing and maintaining stairlifts.

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