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If you or a loved one is beginning to suffer with physical conditions that make it dangerous to traverse the stairs in your Olympia home, you may have thought about moving to a rambler that doesn't have stairs, or looked at the cost of getting a residential elevator installed. While we also offer elevator installation services in Olympia and Thurston County of course, we have an alternative option that is often sufficient for many seniors or physically limited individuals that is quicker to install and an easier investment: stairlifts from Stannah! These are a great way to ensure that you or your loved ones can safely use the stairs in your home without needing to remodel your home, or even redo the stairway. 

 Having a sudden or even slow change to your mobility is impactful to not only how you get around but to your mental state.  Having to get assistance to do something as simple as walking down the stairs is a very hard thing to ask for.  But, stairlifts from Stannah can be a huge game-changing investment in your home.  Giving your loved one the ability to keep some or even all of their independence about getting around the home is nearly invaluable.  The best thing you can do is give our office a call, let us know what your situation is and we can then provide options for your home.

stairlifts olympia

Chair Lifts Olympia

Custom stairlifts from Stannah are designed to fit your home: we will come out to your home and measure everything precisely, and then the stairlift will be exactly built to fit the stairway you have whether it's straight or curved. Stannah stairlifts are also extremely high quality and will last for decades, and we are happy to offer inspections and maintenance for a reasonable price as needed after the installation has been done. We only install Stannah stairlifts in residential homes because they are the highest quality option on the market. They have been in business for over one hundred and fifty years, and provide stairlifts to not only the United States but to over forty countries. Unlike cheaper options that are likely to fail sooner or need more regular maintenance, a Stannah stairlift will be highly reliable and may even increase the resale value of your home. They also provide the best peace of mind as you can trust your stairlift to work properly and keep your family members safe because of Stannah's commitment to quality and excellent design. You can even have your stairlift customized to match your home decor, as Stannah offers multiple color and fabric options so you don't have to worry about the stairlift being an eyesore in your home.


We consistently get feedback from happy customers about how glad they are to have a chairlift in their home.  The first steps of adding one to your home can feel overwhelming as the options are vast and it is an investment in your home and mobility.  But the extra peace of mind for friends and family and the person who needs the assistance is nearly priceless.  Having a chairlift will reduce the fear and dread of going up or down the stairs for your loved ones.  While lesser chairlift brands will require service more often, Stannah stairlifts are extremely high quality and will last for decades.

Chair Lift For Stairs Olympia

Olympic Elevator has the best technicians in the business for stairlift installation, maintenance and replacement. If you already have a stairlift but are unhappy with the quality or it has failed, we'd be happy to remove the old stairlift for you and replace it with a high-quality Stannah stairlift. Our technicians and salespeople are highly knowledgeable and will make sure you understand all your options and keep you informed during the ordering and installation process, and we're happy to help recommend the best choices based on your home and budget. We can also provide maintenance and repair for existing stairlifts as needed, but we always recommend installing Stannah for new stairlifts because of their high quality. If your Stannah stairlift is in need of maintenance or repair, we can also provide these services as our technicians are highly knowledgeable. We can also help with maintenance and repair for other stairlift brands if requested, but for new installations we always recommend Stannah because of their product quality and reliability. You can ask our customers who always are glad they went with Stannah over other brands. Please call us about your stairlift needs in Olympia! 

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