Stairlifts Redmond

Stairlifts Redmond

Is your Redmond split level or multiple story home becoming hazardous for you or a family member? Or perhaps you frequently have relatives over who are beginning to struggle with stairways, and want to make sure they can visit without fear of injury. Or maybe you are opening an adult family home with more than one story, and want to ensure that you can use the elevated stories for your residents and keep them safe. No matter the reason for your concern, it's statistically true that stairs are one of the most common causes of injury for seniors in the United States. Thankfully there's a great solution that fits just about any stairway and doesn't require any remodeling of your residence, and that's getting a Stannah stairlift installed by Olympic Elevator in your Redmond home. 

It is reasonable why some people put off getting one but it is so common for us to hear how much easier life is with a little bit of extra help and wish they had done the installation sooner.  We know that you will feel the same way once we can show you the excellent products we offer along with the world-class service we can provide to you and your home.

stairlifts redmond

Chair Lifts Redmond

We offer elevator installation services as well which may be a better fit for your business or home, but stairlifts are often an excellent option that is much less of an initial investment, while still keeping your loved ones safe and providing peace of mind. We install only Stannah custom stairlifts, which are not only some of the highest quality stairlifts you can purchase but are also built to fit your home's stairway exactly right, so it can be installed perfectly without causing damage to your stairway or modifying it. Stannah is a prestigious company that has been manufacturing stairlifts for over one hundred and fifty years, and shipping them to countries all over the world. We work with Stannah because they provide an extremely high quality product that will last for a lifetime, unlike cheaper brands that are more likely to fail. We also offer inspections and maintenance for any stairlift, but we can verify from decades of experience that Stannah stairlifts require maintenance far less often than some of the most popular stairlift brands, and may even increase the value of your home on the market. They also can manufacture your stairlift with the color and fabric options of your choice so they'll match the style of your home, not only giving peace of mind with their safety and durability but also fitting right in rather than being a distraction or eyesore. 

Chair Lift For Stairs Redmond

We employ the best sales team and technicians here at Olympic Elevator, and pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable and expert company you can choose for your stairlift maintenance, replacement and installation needs. We also offer elevator installation, maintenance and replacement if you're in need of those services. We can help with inspections and maintenance for any stairlift or elevator, but for new stairlift installations we always will give you information about Stannah products as they are the best in the business and we would rather make sure you have an excellent, highly durable product that will last versus installing a cheaper lift that will need to be replaced much sooner.

If you want to keep your independence and peace of mind, please give us a call and one of our staff can give you a free in-home consultation.  The transition time of getting used to using a chairlift can be a challenge for some, it takes away an extra worry for friends and family members as now you have a much safer way to get around your home without the fear of falling and getting injured.  Our past customers always tell us how glad they are that they chose Stannah and we think you will be happy you did too. Give us a call today! 

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