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Stairlifts Renton - Safely Navigate Stairs with a Stairlift

Do you or a loved one have physical conditions that make it difficult to use stairs? If your Renton or King County home has a stairway in it, you may have considered moving to a rambler with one story or getting a full residential elevator installed because of your own or a family member's aging. Stairs are one of the most common causes of injuries for seniors in the United States, and physical conditions that affect one's legs, sense of balance, or vision can make stair injuries very likely to occur as well. Thankfully, there is a great option to prevent stair-related injuries that Olympic Elevator provides, which is cheaper than getting a full elevator and may be the perfect choice for your family's needs. 

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Chair Lifts Renton - Comfortable and Secure Stairlifts

Stairlifts, also sometimes called chair lifts, allow you to traverse the stairway smoothly and safely, and we provide Stannah stairlifts which are the best available on the market. We can also make sure the stairlift is customized to fit your stairway, whether it's a straight shot or a unique curved design. We are proud to install Stannah stairlifts because of their commitment to quality and excellent product design, and can promise that your Stannah stairlift will be a smart investment that will not only last for decades but provide safety and peace of mind. Not only can you trust the quality of Stannah products, but enjoying the freedom for you and your family members to safely use the stairs whenever they like will be invaluable. One other benefit is that a Stannah stairlift may also increase your home's value and ease of selling down the road. Individuals who need a stairlift as well will be thrilled to have the option of purchasing a home that already has an excellent Stannah model set up. 

Chair Lift For Stairs Renton - Quality Stairlifts for Your Home

If your lift is in need of maintenance or repair, we can also provide these services as our technicians are highly knowledgeable. We can also help with maintenance and repair for other stairlift brands if requested, but for new installations, we always recommend Stannah because of their product quality and reliability. Just ask our customers, who regularly tell us how excellent their Stannah stairlift is and how relieved they were after using it for the first time once it was installed in their home. While having a stairlift installed in your home is a notable cost upfront no matter what, and you may be considering cheaper brands, we promise that Stannah is the best quality you can get and will be worth the investment. Olympic Elevator technicians are extremely well-trained and knowledgeable about Stannah stairlift installation and maintenance, and we'd love to be your go-to choice not only for initial installation but for regular maintenance and any issues you may encounter as well. Please contact us about your Renton stairlift needs!

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