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Commercial elevators in Washington state are required to have a maintenance control plan (MCP). Olympic Elevator specializes in the maintenance and repair of all types of elevators, whether they are residential or commercial. Our staff of highly trained and experienced technicians are the experts to trust for making sure that the tasks and category one annual testing included in the MCP are properly completed as required by code.

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Why is a good preventive maintenance plan important?

  • It extends the life of the elevator equipment and protects the major investment the building has made in this equipment.
  • Proper preventive maintenance helps eliminate costly service callbacks.
  • Our proactive approach directs attention to potential problem areas before more extensive and expensive repairs become necessary.

Elevator Inspections and Repairs

If you have received an inspection report from either Labor & Industries or the City of Seattle, we can provide you with a free quote to complete the items on the report. If you are noticing that your elevator is having problems we can provide you with a free, no obligation analysis and quote to complete the work necessary to get your elevator running properly again.

Elevator Repair Seattle

Our technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and are your best choice to ensure that you are not only in compliance with the codes in Washington State, but also that your elevator will operate properly in order to keep your employees and customers safe.

Five Year Elevator Load Tests

What is a Five-Year Elevator Load Test?
The Five-Year Elevator Load Test is required by Washington state elevator codes in order to ensure that your elevator can lift its maximum rated load at its rated speed and also stop the elevator in the down direction if that rated speed is exceeded. These tests also help ensure the integrity of the elevator system. Washington State’s Department of Labor & Industrial as well as the City of Seattle requires that Five Year Elevator Load Tests be conducted to confirm proper elevator performance and ensure the public safety. Not having this test performed in a timely manner could result in your elevator being red-tagged and taken out of service by your elevator inspector.

Elevator Maintenance Seattle

Contact Olympic Elevator today to get a free analysis and pricing for any of the many services that we can provide.

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