Commercial Elevators Bellevue

Commercial Elevators Bellevue

We are proud to be the best elevator installation company for both commercial and residential needs in Bellevue and King County. Whether you’re in need of a standard style of elevator for your business’s office building, or need a larger and higher capacity elevator for a manufacturing or industrial business, our team of installers and designers can plan out a custom solution for your needs. No matter the need you have, our commercial elevator experts can fulfill it. We also offer maintenance and service on existing commercial elevators whether we installed it for you or not, as Bellevue and Washington law requires. 

Here are some of the many types of commercial elevators we can install:

- Hydraulic elevators without a hole

- Standard, in-ground hydraulic elevators

- Overhead traction elevators (geared and gearless options available)

- Machine Room Less (MRL) elevators that can fit almost anywhere

- LULA (limited use/limited application) elevators

- Custom configurations and designs

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No matter which phase of the elevator installation process you might see us in, from the planning portion all the way through manufacturing and finally installation and inspection, we are always committed to superior customer service the entire way. We are proud to offer a complete range of commercial elevator styles and sizes, for just about any purpose you can imagine. Whether the elevator you need is hydraulic, traction or machine room less (MRL) we can work with nearly any building’s architectural blueprint to install a custom elevator that will meet your needs for accessibility and transportation of heavy equipment. 

Our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable about installing all kinds of elevators, with additional expertise in traction/cable and hydraulic styles of elevators. We also have highly knowledgeable manufacturers who can custom design and build the perfect elevator for your building. Finally, our technicians are excellent at determining the best location for your elevator based on the traffic patterns of your building, and how to make your elevator as efficient and cost effective as possible with that in mind.

Whether or not your building was designed with an elevator shaft in mind, we offer elevators that do not need a hole or don’t need a machine room (MRL) to accommodate that so you can still have an elevator. This means that in many cases there is no need to make additional building modifications for your elevator, because we have solutions that can fit in so many more spaces than you’d expect. If your building does need some minor or major architectural changes, we can consult with you and help your contractor or architect know what needs to be done to accommodate a commercial elevator.

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Check Your Elevator Inspection History

If you already have an elevator in your building, we would be happy to be your trusted inspection and maintenance source. Commercial buildings are required to have regular safety inspections and services, and it’s important to stay in compliance with local and state building codes both for your customers’ and your employees’ safety. Please call us if you need a new elevator or inspection of your existing elevator here in Bellevue.

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