Elevator Service Bellevue

Elevator Service Bellevue

In Bellevue and King County, any elevator installed in a commercial office, facility or other business building, must have a maintenance control plan (MCP) and regular inspections for safety and compliance. We have specialist technicians for all kinds of elevators, whether commercial or residential, and regardless of the brand of elevator you may have. We’ll help ensure that your elevator is up to code with Washington law, and ensure that everyone using your elevator can feel secure as they go from floor to floor.

Olympic Elevator’s team of expert technicians are the best choice for ensuring that your Maintenance Control Plan matches state laws and that your elevator meets and exceeds safety requirements. While it will vary based on the type of elevator, these are the main services that any Maintenance Control Plan will include:

- Full system and parts maintenance, including deep cleaning, lubrication of moving parts and adjustments to your elevator as needed

- Inspection of elevator parts that are most susceptible to damage over time, and replacement as needed

- Immediate emergency responses 24/7, using computerized dispatching in the event of an emergency failure

elevator service bellevue

​Elevator Repair Bellevue

Most quality brands of commercial elevators installed in the last couple decades will be unlikely to have much variance in the kinds of issues that pop up, or to have truly catastrophic failures thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing. That said, all elevators have hundreds of moving parts that need regular lubrication, and those parts can and will eventually wear down after enough years of constant use. Even an elevator that is used infrequently will eventually need replacement parts. 

Our technicians are fully trained to inspect and repair all sorts of business elevators, and ensure that your elevator will be up to code until the next scheduled Maintenance Control Plan visit. If there are any major concerns that are found with your elevator, we won’t rest until the problem is fixed and your elevator is back up and running without risk of failure. We’ve seen just about everything that can happen to elevators in business buildings and know what to keep an eye out for with specific brands and styles of elevators.

Elevator Maintenance Bellevue

Lookup Your Elevator Inspection History

If you have realized that your elevator is due for maintenance and you don’t have a Maintenance Control Plan, or if Labor & Industries has sent you a letter notifying you as such, we would love to visit with you and give you a no obligation quote for a first time inspection, Maintenance Control Plan set-up, and schedule future maintenance according to that. 

Olympic Elevator is the best choice to make sure that your commercial elevator is safe and up to code, both because of our intimate knowledge of Washington elevator codes and laws and our expertise with elevator brands and styles. We will ensure that your elevator is not just in compliance with the local requirements, but also that it is in excellent working order and will keep your employees, customers and partners safe as they use it in your office, facility or retail store. 

Contact us at Olympic Elevator so you can get your free consultation scheduled.

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