Home Elevator Bellevue

Home Elevator Bellevue

You may not realize that a home elevator is within your budget, but more and more homeowners are installing residential elevators in the Bellevue and Puget Sound area. Not only are elevators an excellent way to add accessibility to your home for yourself or a loved one that has difficulty with stairs, which are one of the most common causes of injuries for seniors in the United State, but an elevator can be a significant increase to your home’s resale value in the future as well. This means that you are not only investing in you or your loved ones’ safety, but also investing in the future for if and when you may sell your home down the road. 

We are proud to be installers of the premier line of Symmetry home elevators. These products are the top of the line when it comes to style, functionality and comfort and are extremely durable as well. We offer this brand of elevators for new home installations and can also offer maintenance and services for them, as is required by Bellevue and Washington law.

home elevator bellevue

Residential Elevator Bellevue

Not sure if your home has the room to install a home elevator? Symmetry Elevators have the Inline Geared Drive system which saves space by not requiring a machine room, meaning that it can fit almost anywhere in your home. This saves space and also money so you don’t have to make modifications to your home before installing an elevator. 

Despite not having a separate machine room, these elevators’ systems can operate at a speed of 40 feet per minute and carry 1000 pounds. It also includes necessary amenities like emergency battery operated lowering, and style amenities like custom wood trim and sills, highly efficient LED lighting that is both beautiful and functional, and digital hall stations that are state of the art.

We also offer an optional battery system for a backup, where the elevator will have the stored power needed to travel to the next level if the power goes out. While some areas of Bellevue may rarely or never need this because of the strength of the local grid, we do recommend this for anyone living in more rural areas and offer it to all of our customers as an extra safety option, as no grid or home electrical system is completely failure proof.

House Elevator Bellevue

Olympic Elevator technicians are equipped to service all sorts of elevators whether or not we originally installed them. These include the following brands, and more: 

  • Symmetry
  • Waupaca Elevator Company
  • Inclinator Company of America
  • Custom Elevator
  • Dover
  • National Wheel-O-Vater
  • Matot
  • Concord Elevators & Lifts
  • Savaria
  • Thyssenkrupp
  • Access Elevator & Lifts Inc.

We would love to schedule a free, no obligation quote appointment with you. We’re happy to come out to your home to evaluate your needs and space, and provide the best option to fit within your home, budget and safety requirements. Call us today!

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