Stairlifts Everett

Stairlifts Everett

Do you have trouble with the stairs in your Everett home? Or perhaps your elderly parent or grandparent is beginning to struggle with the stairways, and you're worried about their safety whether they live with you in Snohomish County or just visit frequently. If anyone residing in or frequently visiting your home has balance issues or has other physical impairments, stairs are an extremely common cause of injury for seniors and individuals with physical disabilities that should be avoided. This may make it sound like any home with stairways is a disaster waiting to happen for you or a loved one that isn't safe to use them, but there's a great alternative option that can be added to any stairway, which is the stairlift. This allows you or a loved one to sit down in the lift and let it take you up or down the stairs. We can install the perfect stairlift to fit your home, whether it's a simple set of straight stairs, or a custom curved stairway. Olympic Elevator installs and services Stannah stairlifts which are the top of the line stairlifts on the market, and will last for decades. We can also provide regular maintenance services as recommended. 

stairlifts everett

Chair Lifts Everett

When we visit customers we installed stairlifts for in the past, they frequently tell us how much of a relief it has been to have the stairlift in their home. Rather than constantly fearing injury, a stairlift allows you or loved ones with physical ailments to safely go up and down stairs as often as they want. Our high quality Stannah stairlifts will ensure that you also feel relief, knowing that you have an excellent product that will last for many years and keep your family members safe.

You may have never seen a stairlift in action before, so our technicians are happy to demo how they work for you and explain everything you want to know about customization options, maintenance needs and the manufacturing process of Stannah stairlifts. We can also recommend the best model based on your needs, and make sure it will traverse your stairway no matter how unique the shape is. Not only do Stannah stairlifts meet and exceed Snohomish County state requirements for safety, but our installers are extremely knowledgeable about how to set up stairlifts exactly. 

Chair Lift For Stairs Everett

You may be concerned about the aesthetic of your home being spoiled by an ugly stairlift, or that the stairlift will make it difficult to use the stairs normally. There's no need to be concerned though, as Stannah stairlifts are extremely high quality and even have customization options for looks, not just for dimensions and length. You can choose from a plethora of fabrics and finishes to match your home's decor and colors, and Stannah stairlifts are designed to be compact and efficient so they won't block the stairway for those walking up and down. Not only is a stairlift a great option to keep your loved ones safe, it also may increase your home's value on the market. Lesser stairlift brands may not have this benefit, but Stannah stairlifts are so high quality and reliable that having one in your home is likely to be an additional selling point down the road. That said, if you do need to get the stairlift uninstalled for any reason, we provide stairlift removal services as well. We'd love to meet with you, show you what a Stannah stairlift could provide for you, and get to work installing your new stairlift after it's been manufactured to your specifications. Call us today!

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