Top Signs of Residential Elevator Trouble

Having a home elevator can be a great convenience, but it is important to remember that these mechanical devices do require routine maintenance to remain in safe operating condition. While elevators have service schedules, there is also the possibility that something may go awry and a repair will be necessary. If such happens, you will likely encounter one of the following signs of residential elevator trouble.

Strange Noises
If you notice any strange noises coming from your elevator it is important that you contact Olympic Elevator straight away. Noises can indicate all types of trouble, including failing equipment, which could lead to a complete breakdown. It is incredibly important to have diagnostics run as soon as possible, and if possible, use the stairs until the problem is properly resolved.

Unlevel Stops
If the elevator is unable to make a proper stop, meaning it is above or below the floor in which you are trying to exit, even just by inches, it is a sign that the elevator needs to be serviced. This could lead to tripping, which may result in an injury.

One of the biggest problems that indicate an immediate need for service is if the elevator car stalls during operation. While this could happen when you use the call button to summon the car, it may also occur as you are riding in the elevator, which will leave you stuck in the car. To prevent this from happening, be sure to call Olympic Elevator at the first sign off jerking, stalling or other troubled operation.

Hard to Open Doors
Doors that seem to hesitate as they open, or need to be opened manually when they are generally opened automatically, need to be serviced. It is possible that the doors could become jammed, preventing you from exiting.

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