Businesses That Can Benefit From A Dumbwaiter

When people think of dumbwaiter elevators, images of victorian mansions often come to mind. The thing is, these pint-sized elevators offer much more function than just lowering the dirty dishes to the cleaning staff — although they do still do that. Today, dumbwaiters are used in a variety of organizations to pass supplies between levels. If you need a quick and effective method of transporting items without straining your back or risking a workers’ compensation suit, be sure to consider installing a dumbwaiter, which is a popular tool in many businesses, including the following.

Medical Facilities
Hospitals, doctor’s offices, physical therapy facilities and other medical organization rely on dumbwaiters to quickly move life-saving supplies between the stories of the buildings. These low maintenance lifts ensure that medication, wraps and other items get to where they need to be, fast.

Office Buildings
It can be cumbersome to move files, office equipment and other items up and down stairs between the levels of your company. A dumbwaiter offers a fast and efficient way to ensure that your business continues to run smooth.

Restaurants that are two or more stories face a particular challenge, assuming that the kitchen is on only one of those floors. Having to carry trays of food and drinks up and down stairs can prove very difficult, even for the most skilled waitstaff. A dumbwaiter that offers a path for items ready to serve to be transported to the desired floor will allow for the food to be delivered quicker and in a safer manner.

A bank that hosts a vault below ground can certainly benefit from a dumbwaiter. Secure access to the safe will ensure that only the right people are placing cash and items from below ground safety deposit boxes into the dumbwaiter, so that there is never any chance of wrongful access.

Books are heavy, and libraries have a lot of them. Whether for customer use or for the library staff to move large quantities of books to different levels, a dumbwaiter is going to take the strain out of moving floor to floor with a load of books.

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