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Olympic Elevator Company is a full service, locally owned Washington elevator company, which installs, modernizes, services, and repairs commercial and residential elevators and accessibility products in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, Kirkland and throughout the rest of Washington state. We specialize in both residential accessibility solutions and commercial elevators. Olympic Elevator Company provides the highest level of installation, preventive maintenance and customer service in the elevator industry.

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Established in 2005, Olympic Elevator Company has grown both as a business and in their variety of products offered. Our mission is to help Washington state business owners and homeowners improve their building access needs at an affordable price.

With experience, expertise and a diverse product line, we are able to provide accessibility solutions in Washington for all homes and offices. Olympic Elevator Company specializes in helping people stay in their homes safely by providing freedom of mobility through the installation and maintenance of our amazing residential elevator products. We also offer a free in home consultation for anyone interested in learning more about the accessibility products we have to offer. Call our team today to inquire about commercial or residential elevators or accessibility products in Washington State.

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By jayg 05 Oct, 2017

Elevators, by all means, are safe to use. They have been so since their early incarnations, and have only grown safer with time. Part of the reason they have become such a normal mode of vertical transport is because the way they are built and cared for has evolved as well. It is critical that you provide any elevator under your watch, be it in a home or office, with routine elevator maintenance. It is necessary! Elevator maintenance is not a recommendation, but a requirement. Routine elevator maintenance includes the following.

Code Requirement Checks

An important aspect of elevator maintenance is ensuring that it is code compliant, as these codes are regularly updated. This can include the written maintenance control program that demonstrates adherence.

Monthly Inspections

You should have elevators checked at least monthly, especially if they are used on a daily basis. During monthly checks a technician will go over the hoist ropes, motors and the machines lifting and dropping the car. They will ensure everything is properly lubricated and functioning as it should.

Required Safety Screenings

Safety screenings are a requirement for any elevator as well. A big part of this is ensuring the emergency recall system is working as it should.

Assessing for Modernization

During maintenance checks the technician will also assess the elevator for any modernization needs. This means that an elevator has often been discontinued and replacement parts are no longer available.

Pressure & Amp Tests

To ensure all of the machinery that runs the elevator is working properly a technician will utilize pressure gauges, multimeters and other electrical equipment to ensure that all components are in good condition.

Replacing Necessary Parts

The technician will need to replace any parts that are deemed unfit. They will order replacement components that are elevator model specific.

Elevator maintenance is a must! If you need to schedule routine elevator maintenance in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma or the surrounding communities be sure to reach out to Olympic Elevator Company. We sell, install, repair and maintain commercial and residential elevators. To learn more or to schedule elevator service in Seattle give us a call at 425-230-3403 today.

By jayg 03 Sep, 2017

As building construction began to rise higher and higher in the industrial age of the 1800s, elevators quickly grew in popularity. As safety, efficiency and usability increased, they became commonplace throughout commercial buildings and some larger residences. Today, elevators are required in most commercial buildings to provide universal access to upper levels. There are three main types of elevators, traction with machine room, traction without a machine room and hydraulic. There are also multiple variations of each of these of elevators types, as well.

Traction Elevators

Traction elevators are lifted by ropes which pass over a wheel that is connected to a motor, usually an electric motor, that is located in a machine room above the elevator shaft. These types of elevators are most commonly used in mid and high rise application, as they can attain quicker travel speeds than most other types of elevators. In most cases a counter weight is also used, so that the motor’s load is eased. Traction elevators can be geared, or gearless, depending on their application.

Machine-Room-Less Elevators

The increasingly popular machine-room-less (MRL) elevator is used most often in mid rise buildings up to or around 250 feet. These elevators are also traction elevators, but instead of having a dedicated machine room, the machinery necessary to operate the elevator sits at the top of the shaft in an override space that is accessed through the top of the elevator car, anytime repairs or maintenance is necessary. A separate control room will be needed at the top floor as well, and is usually located within 150 feet of the elevator. These elevators require less space than conventional traction elevators and are quite energy efficient.

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are supported from the bottom by a piston that pushes the elevator upward as an electric motor pumps hydraulic fluid into the piston. The elevator will descend as the fluid is released. These types of elevators are more commonplace in low rise buildings as they have a slower speed and can only reach about 80 feet.

If you’re building a commercial space it is likely that your building will require an elevator. To learn which type of elevator is best for your application you’ll want to work with a professional elevator sales company. For more information about commercial elevators in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett and throughout Washington state, contact Olympic Elevator. We sell a huge variety of residential and commercial elevators from a number of top end manufactures. For all your Washington state elevator sales and service needs give us a call at 425-230-3403 today.

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