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Olympic Elevator Company is a full service, locally owned Washington elevator company, which installs, modernizes, services, and repairs commercial and residential elevators and accessibility products in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, Kirkland and throughout the rest of Washington state. We specialize in both residential accessibility solutions and commercial elevators. Olympic Elevator Company provides the highest level of installation, preventive maintenance and customer service in the elevator industry.

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Established in 2005, Olympic Elevator Company has grown both as a business and in their variety of products offered. Our mission is to help Washington state business owners and homeowners improve their building access needs at an affordable price.

With experience, expertise and a diverse product line, we are able to provide accessibility solutions in Washington for all homes and offices. Olympic Elevator Company specializes in helping people stay in their homes safely by providing freedom of mobility through the installation and maintenance of our amazing residential elevator products. We also offer a free in home consultation for anyone interested in learning more about the accessibility products we have to offer. Call our team today to inquire about commercial or residential elevators or accessibility products in Washington State.

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By Jay Gilbert 04 Jan, 2018

In more and more homes across Washington you will find residential elevators. Elevators are great inside houses for numerous reasons. Not only do they assist with mobility issues, but they can simply be of great convenience, especially in larger, or taller homes. Moving furniture will become much easier, as will unloading groceries or doing laundry. Let’s look at some of the Washington cities in which residential elevators are becoming increasingly popular.

Mercer Island Elevators

Mercer Island is home to many of Washington’s elite, including executives, athletes and celebrities. These homes utilize custom residential elevators to ensure the inhabitants are comfortable.

Bellevue Elevators

While you will find many elevators in the downtown offices of numerous tech companies, it is the elevators in the homes of those who live in Bellevue that are in the spotlight here. Bellevue residential elevators are great for all homes two stories or more.

Redmond Elevators

Microsoft has made Redmond home, which has given birth to a wealth of wealth in the area. Elevators, while not solely reserved for those with large paychecks, do tend to find their way into the homes of the rich.

Seattle Elevators

If you are interested in installing a residential elevator in Seattle, you’re not alone. Large Seattle homes, such as those on Queen Anne Hill and Capitol Hill, are commonly upgraded with elevators.

Everett Elevators

Everett is home to many older residents who reside in homes built in the early 20th century. To ensure they’re able to make their way from floor to floor these residents are retrofitting their homes with elevators.

Bellingham Elevators

Bellingham too is seeing an aging population, particularly as baby boomers retire to the beautiful city. New homes and old homes alike are receiving elevators to help the aging crowd.

Tacoma Elevators

Tacoma hosts a number of historical properties that are owned by those who aren’t ready to move but have issues with the stairs. These homes, as well as new ones, are perfect for elevator installs.

A residential elevator is great for so many reasons. If you’re interested in installing a residential elevator in Washington call Olympic Elevator at 425-230-3403. Our team of experts can help design an elevator that will work with an existing home or be fitted into new construction. Call us today to request a quote for residential elevator installation in Washington State.

By Jay Gilbert 04 Dec, 2017

All too often people are subjected to strained customer relations and unwarranted pressure from sales reps when dealing in niche markets. At Olympic Elevator we have built our Seattle area elevator company on the premise of providing high quality products and services while maintaining open and honest communication with our clients. We don’t sell an run of the mill product, so why would we offer run of the mill service? We’ve put together a quick list of reasons why people have trusted us with their elevator repair, sales and installation needs since we opened our doors in 2005. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

Superior Customer Service

As mentioned, we take great pride in our people skills. We know we sell a machine, but we understand that it’s people who use it, run it and purchase it. It is our mission to fully inform our clients about our products and to provide them with the positives and negatives of different products in certain situations. Your best interest is in our best interest!

Residential & Commercial Elevators

For more than a decade we’ve been catering to both homeowners and business owners. Our huge variety of products suits any size home or office. If you’re looking for vertical transport in the home we can talk to you about elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts and more. Elevators in the home are perfect for added convenience, mobility and comfort.

At the office elevators are often required as part of mobility laws. We can work with you to find the perfect elevator for your current situation. Our no pressure sales team will work with you to find a product that meets your goals aesthetically, functionally and ensure it falls within your budget.

Expert Technicians

Elevators require routine maintenance to keep them safe to use. Our highly trained technicians have the skills necessary to ensure the elevator in your home or office remains in great shape for years to come. We know that this is an important investment for you, so we will do everything in our power to keep it safe and reliable!

Since 2005 we have provided service to hundreds of residents and businesses seeking elevator installation in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and throughout Washington State. If you have any questions about installing, maintaining or repairing commercial or residential elevators , don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly answer your questions. To learn more or to request an estimate for elevator services in Washington State give us a call at 425-230-3403 or visit our new showroom!

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