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Olympic Elevator Company is a full service, locally owned Washington elevator company, which installs, modernizes, services, and repairs commercial and residential elevators and accessibility products in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, Kirkland and throughout the rest of Washington state. We specialize in both residential accessibility solutions and commercial elevators. Olympic Elevator Company provides the highest level of installation, preventive maintenance and customer service in the elevator industry.

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Established in 2005, Olympic Elevator Company has grown both as a business and in their variety of products offered. Our mission is to help Washington state business owners and homeowners improve their building access needs at an affordable price.

With experience, expertise and a diverse product line, we are able to provide accessibility solutions in Washington for all homes and offices. Olympic Elevator Company specializes in helping people stay in their homes safely by providing freedom of mobility through the installation and maintenance of our amazing residential elevator products. We also offer a free in home consultation for anyone interested in learning more about the accessibility products we have to offer. Call our team today to inquire about commercial or residential elevators or accessibility products in Washington State.

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Our Blog &News Articles

By jayg 04 Aug, 2017

What was once a luxury of the uber rich as now become a fair standard in many upscale homes. Installing an elevator may not be the first thing on your home improvement checklist, but it certainly should be on there, and for good reason. Elevators offer much more than a convenient ride from one floor to the next! Let’s look at five reasons why your home could benefit from an elevator.


The general purpose of an elevator is easy to understand, it gives you quick access to multiple floors of your home at the push of a button. Your home elevator isn’t just for you though! It makes moving large or bulky items extremely easy. It is especially handy for daily chores or bringing meals to a different level in the home.

Increase Home Safety

Elevators can help increase the safety of people who may have difficulty climbing stairs. It provides an easy way for people of all ages to reach their interior destination.

Save Space

Many people don’t realize that a home elevator often takes less space than a normal staircase inside a home. This means that you could opt for more usable square footage inside the house if you choose to install an elevator.


If you want to make a statement in your home than you need an elevator. With so many styles to choose from, from polished aluminum to beautiful wood veneer, there is certainly an elevator that will compliment your home’s decor and look.

Increase Home Value

Increased home access translates to increased home value. A home elevator is a sound investment that is sure to boost your property value from any buyer’s eyes. As homebuyers continue to seek the perfect forever home, an elevator will ensure they never lose access to each floor of the house.

If you have been considering installing a home elevator in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond or throughout Washington State be sure to reach out to Olympic Elevator Company. We would be happy to provide you with an on-site quote! To learn more or to request a quote for a residential elevator in Seattle or Bellevue give us a call at 425-230-3403 today.

By jayg 10 May, 2017

Whether you have an elevator to simply take you up and down one floor in your home or you manage a series of high rise buildings in which thousands of people a day rely on elevators to go up and down, it is incredibly important to pay attention to your elevator’s needs. A malfunctioning elevator can not only cause trip delays, causing people to be angered and late for wherever they may be going, but it can also be dangerous. A malfunctioning elevator could trap people between floors and while extremely rare, an elevator that is not properly serviced could fail completely, causing it to plummet. Whilst it is necessary to provide your elevator with routine, scheduled maintenance, you also need to be on the lookout for signs of a problem. If you notice any of the following symptoms of elevator trouble be sure to call a reputable elevator repair company right away.

Longer Elevator Wait Times

Does there seem to be a longer wait time for the elevator than there used to be? Optimal elevator performance should be of a concern for you, as it certainly is for your clients. If the doors are staying closed longer between floors, it’s time to call in a professional elevator technician.

Strange Elevator Noises

Modern elevators are very quiet as they operate. If you or your tenants experience banging, clanking, grinding, squeaking or other weird sounds as they move between floors then be sure to call in a technician. The sounds could be a result of harsh mechanical problems that will only get worse if not taken care of now.

Excessive Maintenance Needs

Have you found yourself having to make elevator service calls more and more frequently? Obviously there is an ongoing problem that is not being resolved with your elevator. It may be time for a second opinion, but in reality, it may be time for elevator modernization.

Jerky Movements

Does the elevator seem to bounce to a stop or jerk quickly up or down as it begins to move? This is a dangerous issue as it could cause people to lose their balance as they ride. Contact an elevator maintenance team as soon as possible.

If it is time for elevator repair in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma or elsewhere in Washington State do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Olympic Elevator Company. We offer elevator service, installation, repair and modernization for many different lift types and companies. To learn more about our Washington elevator services give us a call at (425) 641-4302 today.

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